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Family says wait for FEMA mobile housing unit has dragged on for weeks

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The agonizing wait continues for many families hoping to move into a mobile housing unit almost two months after the historic flooding. 

Laura Bordelon and her husband sat steps away from their home on Deer Meadow Avenue Thursday, watching their new windows get installed. 

The spot where they sat is where a FEMA mobile home should be because the couple was approved for a unit on September 24. They were told it would be delivered within two days.

After removing a section of the fence, having the property inspected and getting the green light from FEMA though, two days stretched into more than two weeks, and they are still without a unit.

"It all done and it's just been waiting," Bordelon said. "The post is sitting up over there, and the flags are up and everything." 

Bordelon said she has gotten the run around from the agency and, at one point, was told they had run out of units. She said the worst part is the daily back and forth with FEMA and the constantly changing information from representatives.

"You call and talk to this person, and they're not qualified. Then you call back, and they say ‘we have to send somebody else out’ you know. It's back and forth, back and forth and you don't get the same answer," Bordelon said. "You don't get anything, and it's always something different." 

As of Thursday, FEMA said 1,150 manufactured housing units (MHUs) have been installed in flood-affected areas. More than 4,000 people are eligible for an MHU, but less only 478 families are currently in one.

Tito Hernandez said despite the low number of people living in a unit, the agency has been trying to fill them.

"We're doing whatever we can to satisfy the need of the owner to have it in their property so that they can undergo constructions but that takes time," Hernandez said. 

Bordelon said she understands the process can be lengthy, but she is slowly running out of patience.

"The plumbers came yesterday. Now we have these people ok, and then the sheetrock's going to go up next. It might be done before I even get a trailer put on my property you know and it's just frustrating. It just makes me sick every day," Bordelon added.

FEMA said they handle these situations on a case-by-case basis. They encourage anyone with similar issues to head to a Disaster Recovery Center to get the best information. 

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