HUD awards La. more than $400M in disaster recovery funds

HUD awards La. more than $400M in disaster recovery funds

WASHINGTON, DC (WAFB) - US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has finalized where its flood disaster dollars will go and awarded Louisiana the lion's share of assistance.

HUD has approved Louisiana to receive $437,800,000 of the $500 million included in the budget stop-gap bill. Texas will get $45,200,000, while West Virginia will get $17 million.

Officials said the funding was based on the best available data from FEMA identifying the areas with the greatest 'unmet housing need.'

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President Barack Obama signed the Continuing Resolution into law on Sept. 29, 2016.

"Immediately after President Obama signed this spending bill into law, my team began identifying the strongest cases to receive disaster recovery funds," Castro said in a written release. "These three states - Louisiana, Texas and West Virginia - experienced intense and destructive flooding causing great damage to residents' homes and draining state resources. Today, we make a critically needed investment to help these communities recover and help families rebuild their homes."

Officials said the funds will help those communities that suffered the greatest number of homes damaged due to the flooding events.

They added more than 100,000 homes were damaged in the six hardest hit parishes of Louisiana, three counties in Texas and two counties in West Virginia.

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