What to look for in walking shoes

When shopping for walking shoes, look for shoes that give you proper support, flexibility, cushioning, motion control, support, and compensates for any stride problems.  It is important that each person finds a shoe that fits their foot shape and their stride.

Here are some elements to look for in a walking shoe.

1. Flexible - you should be able to bend and flex the shoe.

  • Twist them: Grab the shoe with both hands and twist in opposite directions. It should twist a little.
  • Bend them: Try to bend the shoe in half, pushing the heel towards the toe. The shoe should bend at the ball of the foot. Some running shoes bend in the middle of the arch, which is not the right place for walkers.

  • Poke them: Place the shoe on a level surface. Poke the toe down, the heel should raise up off the surface.                   

2. Low heel and no flare - Some running shoes have higher heels to support runners who land on the ball of the foot. Walkers land on the heel and do not need a built-up or flared heel.

4. Price - Good athletic shoes should cost between $60-95.