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Flooded Louisiana artist still donates for breast cancer cause

Source: Buddy Holmes Source: Buddy Holmes

He's a smiling face at every Baton Rouge Race for the Cure. Buddy Holmes of Waterfall Forge donates a fountain to raffle to add even more money to the fundraiser that draws thousands to the LSU campus each year. Holmes has been a master of copper and water for years now, but originally started around 1990 with something simple first.

"I made a gift, a birdfeeder, for a Christmas gift. I wanted to do something handmade so I gave the copper a try," Holmes says. "She loved it! Her friends wanted one, their friends wanted one, etc. I got into larger pieces from customer requests later on. I used to do lots of craft shows."

If you're on a mobile device, click the link to see a slideshow of images - http://bit.ly/2e8yyRA

As Holmes' expertise grew, his ideas blossomed. He enjoyed working into the art, motors to pump water coursing through what is generally a Louisiana scene.

He has done a large work for a New Hampshire Alzheimer's residence. A copper tree framed in curving lines that resemble crosses is atop a 3-foot high granite base.

A fountain that he made for the Bayou Country Children's Museum is amazing. It's 7 and a half feet tall, with leaves and herons on it.

When Holmes saw on Facebook that I was raising money right now for Susan G. Komen and was struggling because people during the aftermath of a flood don't easily part with their money, Holmes said he'd make a fountain to sell and donate the money to my Big Wigs fundraising campaign.

The copper sculpture with sugar kettle pool of water at its base is a perfect way to crown a courtyard, an atrium, a waiting room where busy people must sit. He says we should give the fountain sale until October 31st, which is the end of my Komen campaign. "The one I will make for you usually takes about a day," Holmes says. "If my LSU helper is working, then we can do it in about 7 hours or so."

Holmes says he'll always be about helping charities.

"My daughter Ginger had the triple negative cancer type about six years ago. She was up in Ohio, so I felt a little helpless down here. I needed to do something, so I hooked up with Susan G. Komen. I've been donating to them several times a year ever since. Oh; Ginger is fine now. She's a terribly strong woman. I now donate pieces to help fundraising for MDA, March of Dimes, The Bayou Country Children's Museum in Thibodaux, St. Jude, Volunteer Ascension and a few one-time local causes."

To buy the beautiful fountain, simply click here.

Buddy Holmes lives in Galvez about three miles from the Amite River Bridge. His home and shop flooded about a foot, and yet when he saw me struggling to raise the donations needed, he did not hesitate to use his artistic gifts once again.

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