Alleva: LSU football will have home game on November 19

Alleva: LSU football will have home game on November 19
Joe Alleva (Source: WAFB)
Joe Alleva (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Leaders at LSU sounded off once again about possible dates to make up the game against Florida. One of the dates that has been tossed around is November 19, but LSU officials are saying not so fast.

The SEC has a mess on its hands, and the solution may not come soon if it comes at all.

The LSU Tigers and Florida Gators did not play a football game this past weekend, causing plenty of finger pointing and blame towards the SEC for not stepping in and demanding the contest take place somewhere before Tuesday.

There is still no plan for LSU and Florida to make up the missed game and SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey released a written statement Monday, echoing what he said during a CBS in-game interview Saturday that both universities and the league are all working together to make the game happen and that the game needs to happen.

However, during a Monday afternoon press conference, LSU athletic director Joe Alleva drew a line in the sand, saying that the Tigers have a home game on November 19 and that will not change.

"One thing that we're going to hold very firm on is that we have a home game on November 19 and we're going to have a home game on November 19," Alleva said. "We are going to have a home game on November 19. We are not going to change that situation."

One proposed option had the Tigers buying out South Alabama on that date and traveling to Gainesville to get the game against Florida in the books. However, Alleva took a stand not only for LSU but likewise for local businesses who would be tremendously hurt by sacrificing a home game in Tiger Stadium.

"You know, you've seen some of the options. We have an open date before the Alabama game. I'm not in favor of playing a game on that day unless Alabama also plays a game on that day," Alleva said. "There's an option of December 3 for when the conference championship game is. I don't know if that's gonna be an option because there's TV contracts and dome contracts. I just get back to what I said that I think it's gonna be very difficult to reschedule this game."

Some of the LSU players, who were all dressed up with nowhere to go this past weekend, watched the Georgia-South Carolina game in Columbia Sunday and wondered why that game was taking place, yet the Tigers did not play their game.

Several business owners agree there is no way in the world LSU should give up a home game to make the Florida contest happen. One said the community should hit the SEC with a class action lawsuit if they lose a home game during such trying economic times following the historic August flooding.


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