Baton Rouge organization gives backpacks to young students

Baton Rouge organization gives backpacks to young students

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A local group gave away several kid-friendly backpacks at a Baton Rouge school Monday.

The backpacks were distributed to children at Mayfair Elementary and sponsored by Project Backpack BR, which is a group that organized after thousands of children lost everything they had in the historic August flooding.

As children selected their own backpacks, they did not know that there was more than school stuff inside of them.

"We have not just school supplies, but also some comfort like a hug in a bag, smile in a bag. For the little kindergarteners, we have Hot Wheels, and stuffed animals and blankets so it gives them a mixture of things," said Lanie Bourgeois with Project Backpack BR.

Bourgeois held fundraisers but also donations poured in from across the country.

Once flood distributions are finished, Bourgeois plans to use Project Backpack BR to provide relief and hugs in backpacks to children whose homes are destroyed by fire.

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