Lockport man charged for wearing clown mask

Lockport man charged for wearing clown mask

LAFOURCHE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - A Lockport man has been charged after wearing a clown mask in an attempt to scare another citizen, says Lockport Chief of Police Warren Vedros.

Eric Gregoire, 29, of Lockport was charged with one count of wearing a mask in public, which is prohibited outside of certain holidays and special events.

According to police, during the early morning hours of Saturday, October 8, officers responded to a complaint of a man who had attempted to scare another man while wearing a clown mask. After the investigation, officers learned the complainant was throwing away trash outside a convenience store on Crescent Ave. when another man jumped out wearing a clown mask. A brief struggle ensured, and the complainant fell to the ground and sustained bruising to his right arm. The masked man was identified as Gregoire.

Officers questioned Gregoire about the incident and Gregoire admitted to borrowing the mask from a friend in order to "play a joke" on the complainant. He was then issued a criminal summons for wearing a mask in public.

Last month, law enforcement officials throughout Lafourche Parish issued a warning to the public about such behavior. "Wearing a clown mask and jumping out to scare someone, especially at midnight, is no joke. We hope this incident shows this activity is not going to be tolerated, and anyone engaging in such activity will be criminally charged," said Vedros.

Gregoire is the third person in Lafourche Parish to be charged with wearing a mask in public since police issued the warning. Two Central Lafourche High School students were also charged in a separate incident while riding around campus while masked.

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