October 9-15 is Fire Prevention Week

October 9-15 is Fire Prevention Week

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The week of October 9 - 15 is Fire Prevention Week with this year's theme is "Don't Wait! Check the Date!" on smoke alarms. The Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office, along with fire officials across the country gear up for the annual commemorative week by urging the importance of having up-to-date smoke alarms.

Chief Deputy Brant Thompson says as with most things with expiration dates, they are essential in the effectiveness of smoke alarms and could expose people to potential danger, if not checked. "The value of these life-saving devices cannot be overstated.", Chief Thompson says, "The NFPA [National Fire Prevention Association] reports that people are twice as likely to die in homes that have no working smoke alarms."

The failure rate in smoke alarms increase as they get older, which is why NFPA suggests that they be replaced after 10 years.

To check the date on smoke alarms installed in your home, officials say simply remove the device from the wall and/or ceiling and look for the manufacture date on the back. If the date is older than 10 years, replace the alarm with a new one. If not, then place the alarm back on the wall and/or ceiling.

For more information about smoke alarms or Fire Prevention Week, you can visit the websites of the U.S. Fire Administration (www.usfa.fema.gov; www.firepreventionweek.org).

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