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La. Governor returns from Cuba, hopes to improve trade relations in the future

Governor John Bel Edwards (Source: WAFB) Governor John Bel Edwards (Source: WAFB)

After a week in Cuba, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is back in the country. WAFB 9News was the only TV station there when he landed on Friday night, October 7.

The Louisiana delegation spent the week visiting with leaders from Cuba, talking about trading opportunities going forward. An embargo currently restricts trade with the island, but the Governor defended his desire to see the embargo lifted.

“There are nations with which we have fought wars and we have much more normal relations with Cuba, so I would hope that the day is coming relatively soon that we can have a good relationship, one that is mutually beneficial to both countries,” said Edwards.

The Governor says he will be having conversations with members of Congress going forward about ties with Cuba. The decision is ultimately up to Congress about whether or not to lift the embargo.

AG Commissioner Mike Strain estimates that Louisiana could make hundreds of millions of dollars in trade each year without the restrictions in place.

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