LSU student tracked, stalked by ex-boyfriend

LSU student tracked, stalked by ex-boyfriend

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A female LSU student reported being stalked and tracked by her ex-boyfriend, who is also an LSU student.

According to the complaint filed by the female student, the 26-year-old man of Brusly allegedly placed a magnetic GPS tracking device under her vehicle in a parking lot on the LSU campus. She discovered the Key Pro tracking device while at home three days later. She then connected it to her computer and saw the locations where he tracked her for the previous three days.

The victim then filed a complaint with the LSU Police Department about the tracking device, in which she stated she believed it was her ex-boyfriend who had planted the device. She told police he left several hand written letters in her vehicle on different occasions. He allegedly gained access to her vehicle by unlocking it with the keypad on the door without her knowledge or authorization.

The victim further explained that her ex contacted her on several occasions, explaining that he missed her and that he even kept up with her family. She said his parents are neighbors of her grandparents and she would frequently see him en route to and on campus.

The victim's ex-boyfriend was arrested by LSUPD on Friday, October 7, the same day the complaint was filed.

Upon his arrest, the male LSU student admitted to putting the device under his ex-girlfriend's car. He also admitted to unlocking her car door using the keypad on the door to leave the letters. He was booked on charges of stalking and using a prohibited tracking device. His bond is set a $2,000.

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