A Robbery Turned Deadly

It was just about a month and a half ago that the quiet early morning hours at an apartment complex on North Ardenwood drive were pierced by gunfire. A man was literally chased down by a killer who slowed the victim with one bullet, then finished the job with another.

He was known to carry large amounts of cash, and as Dave Brown and a friend returned to his apartment in the early morning hours of March 25th, two men decided they wanted that money. It happened on North Ardenwood, just north of Florida Boulevard and just south of Greenwell Springs.

According to Detective John Norwood, "He and his partner parked the car, they got out of the vehicle and were in the process of walking to their front door when two armed men ran up to them and demanded money of both of them."

Dave's friend handed over his cash, but Dave did not. As the shooter approached Dave and demanded money, Dave took off, from his apartment, across this parking lot, toward another building, all the while being shot at. He ran up the stairs and collapsed on the landing.

"Once he caught up with him, he shot him, in cold blood, for the cash he had in his pocket," says Norwood.

It's just after two o'clock in the morning, and Dave Brown is dying on Tabitha Minor's porch. Minor says, "When I walked outside, he was facing toward the street and we rolled him over. He was bleeding in his groin area."

He would later die at the hospital. His friend escaped injury and was able to see the two men jump into a white dodge van as it sped away.

"The witness stated to us that there was a third person driving the vehicle," says Norwood. "The two that jumped in, didn't drive the vehicle away."

Police believe the fact that Dave Brown was known to carry large amounts of cash with him, made him a target. But then the robbers turned this apartment complex into a murder scene.

"I've got three kids," says Minor, "and I can't live around a bunch of violence, it's too much."

Police are hoping it's too much for the entire community. They're hoping the "not in my backyard" mentality takes over. They're hoping you can help find a killer. If you think you can help, call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP. You can remain anonymous, and you could be eligible for a reward of up to 1,000 dollars.

Reporter: Matt Williams