Red Cross closing Celtic Studios shelter

Red Cross closing Celtic Studios shelter

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The last Red Cross-run shelter in the Baton Rouge area is closing down on Wednesday.

The plan is to turn over the Celtic Studios shelter back to normal operations.

Red Cross officials said this is a good sign because it means individuals who stayed at the shelter have found transitional housing.

"We have had residents with us since the flooding began almost eight weeks now and this is our final shelter," said Red Cross spokesman Todd James. "We are very excited because every day we have more and more of our residents who are taking the next step in their recovery, which is either getting back into their homes into new homes or we're helping them find longer term transitional sheltering. That could be apartments, that might be hotels or temporary housing somewhere."

When Celtic Studios first opened as a shelter eight weeks ago, about 400 people were staying there. Officials reported 69 people stayed overnight Monday.

Red Cross, FEMA and Catholic Charities have been working with these individuals to provide transitional housing and temporary assistance for disaster survivors.

"It's probably, I guess, leaving the final search of what we call the relief part of it, but it's really just the first steps of recovery and recovery is a very long process. The ones that are in this shelter are the ones that don't have anywhere to go. Their homes are gone," James added.

Even though the last Red Cross shelter is closing down, James said Red Cross will still have a heavy presence in the area.

Anyone who still needs assistance can go to the Baton Rouge Red Cross office located at 4655 Sherwood Common Boulevard.

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