Port Allen mayoral candidates talk about election, pressing issues

Port Allen mayoral candidates talk about election, pressing issues

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Voters in Port Allen will choose between two Richards for mayor - current mayor Richard Lee III, and the challenger, businessman Richard Slaughter.

The current mayor boasts that he's had a successful term, strengthening the police force by replacing seventy percent of the police units. He also says he built a strong relationship with the city council.

"That was the main thing, everybody working together on all issues that might come forth before the council," Lee said. "And throughout my term, the past two years, we have done that."

But his opponent sees things differently.

Richard Slaughter says he has a good relationship with Lee, but feels Lee has been a bit inactive.

Slaughter wants to attract more businesses to support the city's growing population, and build better infrastructure to help traffic congestion.

"I guess it all goes back to economic development, moving this city forward, that would breed opportunities, create some jobs, we could bring in some people, attract some companies, and give them some incentives to come here," Slaughter said. "My job is to bring in the resources, there's a lot of money in coding. We can develop kids that can go to Silicon valley."

Lee says his top priority would be Port Allen's sewer system. The city is spending $250,000 on emergency repairs.

"We had some issues throughout the year where the LA-1 lift station was malfunctioning, we got that fixed, now we need to address the issues in the southern part of the city, and right now we're in the process of getting that done," Lee said.

The city is also in the process of annexing around two hundred acres west of the city limits to build homes. The next mayor will take the lead in developing that project.

Slaughter says he is focusing solely on his campaign.

Voters will decide who will be the new mayor of Port Allen on November 8.

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