Students return to Springfield High after staff, crews repair flood damage

Students return to Springfield High after staff, crews repair flood damage
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

SPRINGFIELD, LA (WAFB) - Students and staff of Springfield High School are finally returning back to their original home in Livingston Parish.

The school has called Springfield Middle their temporary home for the past few weeks due to the flood. The high school took in just over a foot of water.

Staff members have been working around the clock to get the bare essentials done to get students back in the classroom.

Lockers had to be ripped out, and in some of the classrooms there is no paint or decoration, just Sheetrock.

It goes to show how ready the staff is to welcome students back into their own home.

"A school is a building and in that sense it's symbolic, but it's the people that matters. Our students is really what it's about," said Spencer Harris, principal at Springfield High. "So we're going to work and do everything we can and if our walls are a little ugly, that's fine. But we're going to teach them and make sure our students learn. That's what we're here for."

Harris said he's proud of his students and staff for pulling through and getting to this day. They have about 385 students and 50 percent of the student body that took in water, but even after the flood, losing and gaining students, they're at 95 percent in student attendance.

Monday was also an emotional day because students are coming back to school without one classmate.

One student lost her life in a fatal vehicle accident just two weeks ago, and on Monday, students and staff were remembering her life in their first day back at their home school by wearing a green ribbon or bracelet.
Since the students are back at their own school, the schedule will go back to normal. School will begin at 7:30 every morning.

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