End-of-semester plans for Livingston Parish schools announced

End-of-semester plans for Livingston Parish schools announced

Superintendent Rick Wentzel announced Friday, September 30 that flood recovery efforts are on schedule and students from Denham Springs High School and Denham Springs Freshman High should be able to return to their campuses by the school year's second semester.

Temporary campuses will be established by the second semester for students attending Denham Springs Elementary, Southside Elementary, and Southside Junior High.

The second semester begins January 6, 2017, which is when students return from the Christmas/New Year's break.

"It's very important that we continue to move forward in our recovery efforts. We want each school to have its own campus, to give our students and teachers the space and resources they need," said Wentzel.

The temporary campus for Southside Elementary will be set up at Juban Parc Elementary, and the Southside Junior High campus will be located at Juban Parc Junior High. Officials are still discussing where to set up a temporary campus for Denham Springs Elementary. That decision should be confirmed within the next two weeks.

"The fact that some of our schools could not open after the flooding has forced us to share classrooms and platoon schedules; and we are very appreciative of everyone's patience and willingness to work together. But we want everyone to know that we are working to get each campus back up and running, even if it's at a new site," said Wentzel.

School officials are in discussions with FEMA to determine when it will be feasible for students and staff to return to their original campuses.

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