Red Gold, Feeding America donate 23 tons of supplies to food bank

Red Gold, Feeding America donate 23 tons of supplies to food bank

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One local organization recovering from the flood got a big boost from a national group Wednesday.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank got a 23-ton delivery from Red Gold and Feeding America. The food bank took on around four feet of water during the historic August flooding, losing a million pounds of food and nearly all of its equipment, according to president and CEO Mike Manning.

The food bank spent the past month gutting and cleaning the flood damage in order to return to its warehouse. The cleaning process alone, Manning said, cost the food bank roughly $2 million.

Thankfully, the community and the nation has responded with donations to help the food bank. Since the middle of August, more than 1 million pounds of food have been distributed. All of that was distributed from temporary facilities that had limited square footage.

Since moving back to its warehouse, the food bank has been working non-stop to restock its shelves, which has proven to be too big a task to take on by themselves.

"They're the place that you go when you're in a disastrous situation, but they're in a disaster situation themselves so it's kind of a double need for the community and the food bank as well," said Nan Kelley with Red Gold.

"We can't do it without them, couldn't have done it without them and we can't do it without their continued support as we move forward," Manning said.

Red Gold will also be donating one meal to someone in need for each Red Gold product purchased in October.

For more information about the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and ways to support our mission, visit


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