LSU fans sound off following firing of Les Miles

Tiger fan base vocal after firing of Les Miles

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Tiger Nation, a passionate fan base for the LSU Tigers, had plenty to say about the firing of Les Miles.

Fans were very vocal in the hours following the announcement of the decision. While most of them are split, many say it was the right move. It is news most fans say they were expecting, but the firing of Miles on a Sunday afternoon did catch them by surprise.

"We were at a baseball tournament and it came over everybody's phone and everybody was excited and glad to see him go," said Shaun Ocmand.

"He can't win enough as much as LSU should win, so I think they need a new coach," added Austin Jones.

A quick check of social media shows not everyone is happy with the decision. Since 2005, Miles has been at the helm of the team, racking up an impressive 114 to 34 record, but it has been far too long since the Tigers tasted a national championship, leaving fans thirsty for more wins and fed up with his fizzling performance.

"We got to find a coach that can like get us a national championship again," said Kevin Garig. "2007-2008 was great but you know we got to move on."

Perhaps the final straw fans say was the disappointment on Saturday, September 24 in Auburn. The last second play that seemed too good to be true started as a celebration, but left players deflated at the 18-13 loss.

"That was the nail in his coffin," Ocmand said.

"I don't think it's the team, I think it's his play calling," added Jones.

"We should not have lost to a team like Auburn ever, but when you lose in the way that you lose, the clock management, everything like just comes out," Garig said.

With Ed Orgeron named as the interim head coach, fans are split on the way forward.

"It's a very good decision. I think that that's something that if he produces on the field this year that maybe we should have in the future. Maybe Ed Orgeron is the future of LSU," Garig said.

"We'll see what happens," Ocmand said. "I just hope it's not something that they stay with next season. They got time to find somebody else."

While they are not sure yet who they want to lead the LSU Tigers, fans can agree they are already looking forward to life after Les.

"At the end of the day, LSU expects you to produce and if you can't produce, then you got to go and somebody else is going to come in and take your place," Garig added.

There is a news conference scheduled for 12:30 p.m. on Monday, September 26 where more details about the decision and the future of LSU football should be released.

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