Former CFO of Popeyes franchise ordered to pay back nearly $1M in embezzled funds

Former CFO of Popeyes franchise ordered to pay back nearly $1M in embezzled funds

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Florida man was ordered by a federal judge Tuesday to pay back the nearly $1 million he embezzled from a popular Louisiana chain restaurant.

William Ros, 45, pleaded guilty in February to wire fraud and embezzlement from a bankruptcy state. He was sentenced to serve 45 months in prison after which he would be under a supervised released for two years.

Judge John deGravelles also ordered Ros to turn over the $966,257 he embezzled and pay that same amount back in restitution.

Ros was the former Chief Financial Officer of Fundamental Provisions, a Gonzales-based company that operated 30 Popeyes' Fried Chicken franchises in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

According to officials, in August 2009, Ros told an Alabama store manager to remove cash from the cash registers and deliver the money to him personally or mail it to him through FedEx packages.

He is accused of doing the same thing to another Alabama store manager in 2010, instructing the person to deposit the money into bank accounts that could be accessed by Ros as well as his girlfriend, his golf club supplier and a family friend.

Ros also had the store managers send money from the restaurants through packages to different people such as his girlfriend, golf supplier and the seller of a Ford GT race car.

Officials said Ros allegedly used the embezzled funds to buy a $225,000 race car and to make changes to his Florida home.


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