'Doin' it for Denham' gives homeowners a break from recovery

'Doin' it for Denham' gives homeowners a break from recovery

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - "I just wanted to come down here to see my friends," said 6-year-old Jeffry Meyer.

Jeffry Meyer is having fun for the first time in a long time. His family is like many families in Denham Springs that have spent the majority of the past month gutting and repairing their homes. That's why many volunteers and groups came together on Sunday, September 18 to put on "Doin' it for Denham."

The event featured live music, food, and Saints football.

"The best part is when I go up to someone and I thank them for coming out, but you can just tell, oh no, thank you, we really appreciate it," said event coordinator Greg Reggio.

Volunteers included many restaurateurs and cooks from the Baton Rouge area that were happy to start serving food again. Nicole Mabry, a resident of Denham Springs and a volunteer with the Louisiana Restaurant Association, says the food business took a big hit.

"The challenge today is that a lot of the businesses and restaurants are not open yet. We do have some that are, but they're overrun with people trying to get supplies and food and things like that," said Mabry.

Reggio is a restaurant owner from New Orleans. He went through Hurricane Katrina and says it's important for homeowners to get a break from the cleanup.

"We've been there before with Katrina, we know what they're going through. So if we can just get somebody for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, kind of put their troubles behind them before they get back to the big task ahead, then we've done our job," Reggio said.

The event was held at the Juban Crossing. Some of the groups involved were The Louisiana Hospitality Community and the NOLA Tree Project.

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