Microchipping for pets encouraged after historic flooding

Microchipping for pets encouraged after historic flooding

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After the recent historic August flooding, Jefferson Animal Hospital in Baton Rouge is encouraging pet owners to get their pets microchipped.

For most residents, adopting a pet means more than just adding an animal to the household. Pets are family. That's why Jefferson Hospital is encouraging microchipping.

"Microchipping is especially important here in Baton Rouge. With the recent flooding and the current hurricane season, we've seen a lot of owners searching for their missing pets. With this technology, the ability to match lost or injured animals with their owners becomes much easier and happens more quickly," said Dr. Frederick Michaelson, veterinarian at Jefferson Animal Hospital.

Jefferson Animal Hospital works with one of the larger, more well-known companies when it comes to microchipping - HomeAgain. Unlike a tag or collar, microchips stay with the pet permanently.

"The cost is relatively minor and an appointment takes only a short period of time. No anesthesia is required and there is no postoperative care," said Michaelson.

During the process, a small microchip is injected between the pet's shoulder blades, where it remains in place for the duration of the animal's life. The HomeAgain microchip is specially designed to not move around, remaining in the same place where the vet places it forever.

The process is relatively painless for the animal. "It is no more uncomfortable than a routine vaccination," said Michaelson.

When a lost pet is found and taken to a veterinarian, the microchip is scanned and HomeAgain is contacted. From there, the pet owner is contacted. The HomeAgain program is available nationwide, so it doesn't matter where your pet is lost, they can always make it home!

"There have been plenty of stories where a pet gets lost and is gone for several years. Then a vet in a different state happens to come across the HomeAgain chip and reunites the animal with their original owner. It really is a cool process," said Michaelson.

For more information about the HomeAgain program, call Jefferson Animal Hospital at 225-927-2344.

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