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YOUR TURN: Flood Insurance


This week’s Your Turn segment goes to Delilah Forbes. Forbes and many others are skeptical of a story on our Facebook page quoting FEMA as saying that widespread flooding in our area would not cause flood insurance rates to rise above scheduled annual increases. Forbes is not so sure. In her words:

I just bought a house in a flood zone, but was not affected by the recent floods. Two weeks ago, I was quoted one price. Then, the moratorium was put in place for the named storm in the gulf. Once the moratorium was lifted, the insurance quote was $200 higher. I was forewarned by my agent to prepare for the rates to sky rocket. I have a hard time believing they will not go up, because let's face it, we are lied to by government and insurance companies daily. But, if they don't go up, then great. I think we all need a break.

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