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EBR Parish School Board revises 2016 academic calendar after flooding

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The East Baton Rouge School Board reworked the schedule for the 2016-2017 school year, making it as low impact as possible on parents. 

The school board decided to take all the half days and one contingency day and make them full days of attendance. 

"We need to make up about 8 days in the first semester. Along with that, we're gonna add 11 minutes to our calendar beginning September 26 and through the rest of the year," said Superintendent Warren Drake. "We did a survey with the principals, We think this is fair. It also gives our students a chance to make up some of that time."

Officials said even with 11 minutes added to most days, it will not affect the bus schedules and transportation issues at all. 

The parish school system is having to make up 16 missed days because of the August flood. 

Officials deliberately did not steal a day from the Thanksgiving holiday break, feeling flood victims need that time. 

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