USS Kidd Veterans Museum to reopen after historic flooding

USS Kidd Veterans Museum to reopen after historic flooding

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The USS Kidd Veterans Museum is scheduled to reopen to the public on Saturday, September 17 after being closed for more than a month following the historic August flooding.

The museum itself was not damaged, however the erection of the evacuation shelter at the River Center across the street resulted in street closures, forcing the museum to shut down.

"This has been almost an exact repeat of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for us. In 2005, there had been a bowling conference before the storm that brought in a lot of revenue to the area and that helped carry us through until tourism picked up again the following year. This time, we don't have that luxury," said Tim NesSmith, USS Kidd superintendent.

The museum reports that all of its part-time staff will be able to return to work.

"Our staff has been very creative in maintaining our obligations to guests. Out situation is just one example of the ripple effect from the flooding. Now that the street is reopening, we have the opportunity to serve our public again and help undo some of the damage that this disaster has caused," said Henson Moore, chairman of the Louisiana Naval War Memorials Commission.

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