Gov. Edwards heads back to Washington, DC to ask for more flood aid

Gov. Edwards heads back to Washington, DC to ask for more flood aid

WASHINGTON, DC (WAFB) - Gov. John Bel Edwards is going back to Washington, DC on Wednesday to advocate for more federal flood relief, but specifically to urge lawmakers to support an emergency appropriation for Louisiana as part of the continuing resolution appropriations bill.

This is the governor's second trip to the nation's capital. He was there at the end of last week for the same cause. When he arrives, he is expected to meet with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, along with Senate leaders.

Edwards requested an increase in financial support by $800 million on Monday, so he is now asking President Barack Obama and Congress for a total of $2.8 billion in assistance. The additional money would go towards local infrastructure projects, rebuilding damaged homes and helping small businesses recover.

Another Louisiana leader heading back to Washington with the governor is Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain. He was also in the nation's capital last week to testify before Congress. He's trying to secure more money for farmers who suffered severe crop and equipment damages during the flood. His office estimates the flood caused more than $276 million of damage to crops.

Obama made a formal request of Congress on Tuesday at the urging of Edwards and congressional delegation.

Congressman Cedric Richmond released the following statement in response to the Obama administration's support for emergency supplemental funds for Louisiana flood recovery efforts:

President Obama has expressed to me his support for the citizens of Louisiana on a number of occasions. Since the August flooding, the President and his Administration has ensured we had the resources and services necessary to ensure a full recovery," said Rep. Richmond. The Administration's support for the supplemental funding the Governor and our Congressional delegation has requested is no surprise and greatly appreciated. It will go a long way as we continue to make the case for additional support with our Congressional colleagues. The President has sufficiently fulfilled his commitment to the people in Louisiana. I hope my colleagues in Congress will find the will to step up and do our part.

Edwards is expected to stay in Washington DC until Friday afternoon, which is when he is set to meet with the president.

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