LSU drops on US News and World Report annual 'Best Colleges' list

LSU drops on US News and World Report annual 'Best Colleges' list

(UNDATED) - US News and World Report released its new rankings Tuesday morning of best colleges in the nation.

LSU tumbled backwards a few spots on the latest annual list of top schools in the country, which LSU President F. King Alexander said is a direct result of state funding cuts.

"We are pleased to remain in the top tier, and obviously wish that U.S. News & World Report would look more at outcomes than inputs in their methodology," said LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard III. "LSU will continue to put its resources toward the things that matter: student success and public good. Few of our students graduate with any debt at all, and they've gone on to do everything from land a rover on Mars, win Pulitzer Prizes, run Fortune 500 companies, and more. That's the sign of a great university."

LSU is ranked No. 135 on the "2017 U.S. News Best Colleges" list. It is tied with seven other schools, including two others in the SEC - Arkansas and Mississippi. The No. 135 ranking is a drop of six spots from last year for LSU.

The ranking is the same as its 2014 spot - the lowest it has landed on the list in a 10-year period. The highest LSU has achieved was in 2011 when it came in at No. 124.

Meanwhile, Tulane, a private school and the state's highest ranking university, ascended into the list's top 40 most prestigious schools. It is ranked No. 39 and tied with four other schools at that spot.

Princeton is ranked No. 1 and Harvard is No. 2. The University of Chicago and Yale are tied at No. 3. Columbia is No. 5.

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