3 Family Fun Nights slated to 'Flood BR with Hope'

3 Family Fun Nights slated to 'Flood BR with Hope'

BATON ROUGE, LA - The Baton Rouge Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BR-BCJI) program, which targets an approximately 5.2 square mile cluster of six adjoining neighborhoods, is holding three Family Fun Nights this fall.

The BR-BCJI initiative has been in place for one year and the residents of these neighborhoods have elected to name their collective communities the BR Hope Zone. The BR Hope Zone neighborhoods share three common goals through the implementation of the grant:

  • Improve public health and safety through the reduction and prevention of chronic crime;
  • Deter future crime by addressing the social impacts most likely to impact crime, including physical disorder, socio-economic status and resources;
  • Build and enhance the capacity of cross-sector partnerships and community residents to more effectively target the presenting crime issues and to ensure the long term implementation of broader neighborhood revitalization strategies.

Each BR Hope Zone Family Fun Night will showcase a wide array of resource organizations and businesses that will provide information to empower and help families reconnect with each other and refocus on BR Hope Zone goals. Local law enforcement agencies will share important safety tips, and there will be lots of giveaways, food, entertainment and more to encourage everyone to work together to rebuild our communities and to celebrate victories along the way.

The event dates and locations are listed below and will share the theme, "Flooding BR with Hope:"

  • September 19, 6PM-8PM, Friendship Capitol High School, 1000 N. 23rd St. Baton Rouge, LA. 70802
  • October 17, 6PM-8PM,  Celerity Dalton Elementary School, 3605 Ontario St. Baton Rouge, LA. 70805
  • November 21, 6PM-8PM, S.A.V.E- BR, 722 N. Carrolton Ave. Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

There is no better time to reconnect the BR Hope Zone residents than now while many strive to rebuild and recover from traumas experienced during the past few months.

Information provided by the Mayor's office.