Blood donation centers need donors

Blood donation centers need donors

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Recent flooding impacted many businesses including local blood donation centers.

Stephanie Duplessis, manager of the Baton Rouge LifeShare Blood Center, said the flood impacted her staff along with the local blood supply. During the flood, they were unable to draw blood for six days.

"Our blood drives, basically about two-thirds of them, we've lost because of the flooding. So that's really affected our inventory and what we can draw each day. Many of our blood drives have canceled," said Duplessis. "Basically we're going week by week, trying to go to businesses to conduct blood drives. So our thought is, if any businesses in the area that didn't get flooded or got back on their feet would like to do some blood drives, to give us a call because we are definitely looking to get back out in the community."

Local blood donation centers are asking anyone who is willing and able to come out and donate.

David Gremillion, the director of Our Lady of the Lake's Blood Donation Center, said they are running into the same issue – low blood supply. That's why he is calling on the community for help.

"The resulting of fewer donors that we've drawn have really put a strain on our blood inventory right now. The hospital is at full capacity and we are transfusing a lot of blood and blood products right now and we're just asking the public. We know you're very busy helping friends and family helping recover from the floods. When you do get a moment, please donate blood. It's safe, it's simple and we really need you this time of year," Gremillion said.

Duplessis said donors are able to donate blood once every eight weeks.

To contact LifeShare Blood Center, call (225) 383-7728. To contact the Blood Donation Center at Our Lady of the Lake, call (225) 765-8843.

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