New FEMA mobile housing units installed in north Baton Rouge

New FEMA mobile housing units installed in north Baton Rouge

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A north Baton Rouge park is now the site of nearly two dozen of FEMA's Manufactured Housing Units or MHUs.

FEMA recently installed 23 mobile units in Blount Road Park and officials said that not everyone will be eligible for a mobile housing unit. They added that MHUs are a last resort scenario and only issued when there are no other options for people displaced by the floods.

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Officials said once the power is connected to the units, they will get a final inspection and then be ready for the people selected to move in. They added that the agency is working on placing more MHUs that meet both state and federal safety standards.

In a House committee meeting Wednesday, August 31, FEMA officials explained cutting through local red tape is slowing the process down of getting families in the MHUs.

The major hurdle is getting the mobile homes, which are an upgrade from the Katrina-era trailers, placed in flood zones. FEMA is working with parishes, including East Baton Rouge, Livingston and Ascension, to obtain temporary ordinances to override the permitting issue, which is one of the biggest impediments to the process.

At the committee meeting, a FEMA official said that they would not move or install a mobile housing unit without the ordinances in place.

However, in some neighborhoods, it is clear that the trailers will not fit so there will have to be an area similar to a trailer park where FEMA can put them so people can live such as the place where the new MHUs have been installed.

FEMA officials said temporary housing assistance will be issued on a case-by-case basis and there are other options available for those who are not eligible for the MHUs.

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