Three local mayors heading to D.C. to testify about FEMA

Three local mayors heading to D.C. to testify about FEMA

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Three mayors are headed to the nation's capital to testify before Congress about the effectiveness of FEMA during the flood disaster.

Walker Mayor Rick Ramsey, Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry & Central Mayor Jr. Shelton are leaving for Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon from New Orleans. The trio will stay the night in D.C. and testify before Congress, specifically the Oversight of FEMA Committee, on Friday beginning at 8:30 a.m.

"FEMA has decided that they will no longer attend state committee hearings," said Sen. White. "If they won't come to us, then I will go to them and fight for answers."

They have a meeting scheduled with FEMA on Friday and another meeting in the afternoon before they head back to Louisiana.

"Louisiana residents have questions for FEMA. People are worried about when they will receive grants from FEMA to assist in the rebuilding process and they are concerned about requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program. Small business owners and churches are being told they will have to pay thousands of dollars to have storm debris picked up. FEMA has a responsibility to address these concerns," said Sen. White.
Mayor Ramsey said he will request to meet with a transportation secretary or a high-ranking DOTD staff member and personally tell them about the concrete barrier wall built on I-12. Mayor Ramsey is in the middle of officially filing a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana saying that wall flooded the City of Walker. He added parts of Walker flooded that had never flooded in the 1983 flood.

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Mayor Ramsey also said he plans to tell the committee exactly how he feels about FEMA.

"FEMA has really nice people working here but the federal bureaucracy has their hands tied. Upper administration has no idea what's actually happening and they cannot relay that to the people on the ground doing the job," said Mayor Ramsey. "That means those people cannot get the resources they need to do the job. There's a total disconnect between the upper-levels of administration who make the decisions and those on the ground trying to help us."

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