Water from Alligator Bayou still fills yards, covers roadways in Ascension Parish

Water from Alligator Bayou still fills yards, covers roadways in Ascension Parish

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Many Prairieville residents can not even start gutting their homes as they still wait for floodwaters to go down.

People living on Ridge Road, which is near Alligator Bayou, said it has been a frustrating process. Their backyards are still flooded and many roadways have not cleared up either.

Jason Richardson, who lives on Ridge Road, has a different timeline than most homeowners recovering from the flood. While many people are already starting to rebuild, his house has only been water free for six days.

"Nineteen days that the water was in my house. Most everybody's been in the clean up phase for a couple weeks now," Richardson said. we're just starting to get water out of our house and you know, trying to recover and salvage whatever we can."

"From what I understand, the Alligator Bayou and the Machac are about equal, and it's slowly going out. Over here on my property, it's going down about an inch and a half every 24 hours," said Robert Boudreaux, who lives on Ridge Road.

Alligator Bayou is currently draining into Bayou Manchac, which then flows into the Amite River. Residents say its been a slow process.

"This is kind of like a basin. Whenever it flows over the road to Alligator Bayou Road, it comes, it fills this area up and it's like a big lake. It just takes a while for it to drain back out," said Dale Petite, who lives on Ridge Road.

Officials with the Ascension Parish Department of Public Works say the level of Bayou Manchac is still very high, which is slowing the water down.

Crews made a 40-foot cut just over three weeks ago along Alligator Bayou Road, which is between the two waterways. They made a second cut Tuesday morning that slightly wider in hopes that it will speed up the process.

In the meantime, homeowners said they will start cleaning and gutting their homes, and wait for the levels to come down.

"Try to get the house dry and it's just gonna be a long road to you know, fixing it back up," Petite said.

The cuts being made into Alligator Bayou Road are controlled cuts that parish officials are continuously monitoring.

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