BRPD Officer: 'It’s the joy I’d seen in this little man that makes me enjoy what I do”

BRPD Officer: 'It’s the joy I’d seen in this little man that makes me enjoy what I do”
Source: Elizabeth Bedford
Source: Elizabeth Bedford

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge woman says her son's life was changed by the kindness of two police officers. In reality, it was the 3-year-old child who made the real impression.

"I thought of this little guy all day," Baton Rouge Police Officer Cpl. Darren Ahmed told the woman in an email. "My day couldn't have gotten any greater after meeting this little hero…it's the joy that I'd seen in this little man that makes me enjoy what I do."

Three-year-old Nathan couldn't contain his excitement when he saw two Baton Rouge Police Officers in the Garden District Coffee Shop. His mother, Elizabeth Bedford, says he ran into the store to thank the men for their service.

"They thought he was so great that they went out to their vehicle and brought him a really special real life superhero badge to wear on his chest," writes Elizabeth. "Nathan was jumping up and down with excitement."

With scotch tape, Cpl. Ahmed fashioned the BRPD patch to the boy's chest. Little Nathan raised his hands out over his head like Superman.

"These were two of the nicest police officers I have ever met," Elizabeth said. "They let Nathan hug all over them, talk their heads off, and they said Nathan made their day."

It was later that Elizabeth learned that one of the two had recently lost everything during the flooding. In fact, Cpl. Ahmed was supposed to be on his honeymoon, .

"By that afternoon, the water came rushing into the house and took everything they owned," writes Cpl. Ahmed's aunt in the post attached to a GoFundMe account. "Darren was able to get out of the house with his groomsmen, but the celebration would have to be postponed."

Instead of celebrating the marriage they had planned for two years, the couple spent their honeymoon gutting their home.

"For him to be so kind with all that he has lost speaks volumes," Elizabeth said. "I am proud of my community and the people we have in our police force."

Although adults are the ones tasked with raising children, it's often the sincerity of a child that can provide our greatest lessons.

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