Livingston Parish businesses trying to recover from floods

Livingston Parish businesses trying to recover from floods

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Businesses in Livingston Parish are doing their best to recover from the recent flooding.

Liz Bentivegna said she's a very lucky woman. She runs the Rusty Rooster in Denham Springs, an antique furniture store.

They shut down for 11 days after the recent flooding, but they were able to salvage most of their items.

Nearby stores were not so fortunate. Bentivegna said the area known as Antique Village was hit particularly hard by floodwaters.

Bentivegna wants the other businesses to recover as soon as possible because she believes it will help owners and shoppers in Denham Springs bounce back.

"We're a community that attracted a lot of visitors on weekends and during the day and special holidays and festivals, and we need everybody to come back in order to be successful," Bentivegna said.

Bentivegna said most shop owners in the Antique Village expect to re-open around October 1.

In Walker, FEMA and the Small Business Administration opened a new disaster relief center at Sydney Hutchinson Park. They offer low-interest rate loans to businesses and homeowners that are struggling. SBA officials say businesses don not just need help with damage but also lost sales.

"A business doesn't necessarily have to had damages to need repair. They may need working capital, they may have trouble meeting their commitments because Labor Day business isn't happening," said SBA spokesperson Cynthia Cowell.

The center in Walker will be open form 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until officials feel they are no longer needed.

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