Father of Deputy Nick Tullier says son's recovery is a miracle

Deputy Nick Tullier's recovery is a miracle

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There are some improvements for the man who is getting prayers from across the world.

James Tullier, the father of Deputy Nick Tullier, said his son is alive thanks to prayers.

"It's a miracle. No doubt in my mind," Tullier said.

Deputy Tullier and a few of his fellow deputies were grabbing breakfast at Frank's Restaurant and all responded to the shooting on July 17.

His dad woke up to a call from Nick's grandmother that morning.

"We started to call Nick and Nick always answers my phone calls and he did not answer," Tullier said. "I tried to call him three times. I sent him text messages twice. Mary, my wife, tried calling him. He didn't answer her. Danielle, his fiance, we got in touch with her. She got in touch with her and she tried to call him. He didn't answer her so we knew that wasn't playing out well cause it's not normal Nick."

Nick had been shot three times. The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office called the Tullier family telling them to head to the hospital.

"Doctor came out and met with us and said he won't live for 24 hours and so that was devastation," Tullier said.

But 46 days later, there's a power above any human being, a power that cannot be described in words, a power that the Tulliers say is the only thing that explains the past 40 some days.

"Nick wasn't supposed to live for 24 hours. Then he wasn't supposed to live for 48 hours. People are praying. Then he wasn't supposed to live for five days. People are praying. Then the deadline became 21 days. People are praying," said Tullier.

It's why he created the Facebook page Nick Tullier Strong. His shirt said #TULLIERSTRONG and Tullier had on three bands that he said he wears 24/7.

Nick's condition is somewhat improving. His heart rate is below 100 now. His temperature is 98.8. His external wounds are healing. Internally though, his dad said he does have damage to the left side of his brain.

"He does have bone and bullet fragments in his brain and he has that also in his brain stem," said Tullier.

However, Tullier wants to set the record straight --- his son has had brain activity from the first day he arrived at the hospital.

Despite what any doctor has ever said, "If he lives, he will be a complete vegetable but then all of a sudden, Nick starts wiggling his toes."

He's even responding to one of his doctors.

"She asked Nick if you understand what I'm talking to you about, can you raise your thumb and he did so these are cognitive responses," said Tullier.

Their son is a true hero, but Tullier will tell anyone there are numerous heroes who came together that day including the Baton Rouge police officer who rushed Nick to the EMS unit by the interstate.

"When the officer and the two EMS people are trying to strap Nick down in the EMS unit, the EMS unit starts leaving. Well the driver is in the back of the EMS unit. Understand, it's rolling so another police officer saw the situation, saw the critical condition Nick was in and he jumps in behind the wheel and he takes off," Tullier said.

Not to mention all the doctors and surgeons who worked as fast as they could.

"It was all part of the puzzle. If you take any part of the puzzle out and I'm not sure if Nick would be here," said Tullier.

A puzzle that he said was literally manned by the man upstairs.

If you're wondering what you can do to help the Tulliers, "I ask them to keep praying." Because he said those prayers are priceless and miracles are happening slowly but surely.

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