Father of Deputy Tullier says son 'started moving when asked to do so'

Father of Deputy Tullier says son 'started moving when asked to do so'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The father of deputy who was critically wounded during the officer ambush shooting posted in an update that his son has started to respond some. He said that the progress is baby steps in a long road as Deputy Nick Tullier is not out of the woods yet.

"He's not even been in the woods to be able to get our of them," James Tullier reported.

"Everyday to us is a miracle. Do I fully believe this is a miracle? Most definitely yes. Will it continue? Most definitely yes. Is God in Control? Most definitely yes," he added.

Deputy Tullier, 41, was one of six officers who were shot during an ambush shooting on Sunday, July 17. He was transported to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, which is where he has remained in critical condition.

Several surgeries have been performed in an attempt to repair the damage caused by three bullets. Deputy Tullier was struck in the abdominal region, upper arm and in the head.

Since then, Tullier has been in the hospital as family, friends and supporters hope and pray for signs of improvement.

Regarding my updates, there were some subtle little hints in my writing that could have flagged some that something had changed. Starting with day 38 update, I had quit saying "no changes to report". I didn't want to lie, but at the same time wasn't ready to make an announcement. I also started saying that a miracle "was" happening. When the changes started appearing, we discussed as a family about how and when to say something about it publically. For numerous reasons, we decided to keep it quiet for awhile. For one, we wanted to make sure that what we were seeing continued. We know all to well that people all over the world are watching and interested in the miracle that's happening here.

In recent days, the family began noticing "Nick started moving when asked to do so." James Tullier reported that the "first real significant time" was when Nick moved his feet one at a time depending on which one he was asked to move.

"It was slow, but very deliberate. He also moved just his toes up and down when asked to do so," James Tullier posted. "Then he was asked to squeeze our hand, to which seemed harder to do for him. But he was able to do that and in the presence of a doctor. He also has blinked his right eye one time or two times due to requesting such. One doctor had spoken to Nick and asked if he understood to raise his thumb. That also did happen."

Nick's father reminded people that Nick was never put in a medically-induced coma as some ask if Nike is awake.

"Most of the time, he's been pretty unresponsive. Between pain meds and other drugs for different reasons, he's out."

Tullier posted Nick's general condition regarding heat rate and breathing treatments before going into specifics for the injuries he sustained in the shooting.

He said that external healing on Nick's head continues, while the bullet exit wound in his chest has closed significantly. He added that the wound on Nick's shoulder has been slow to heal.

James Tullier said President Obama's physician called Tuesday to discuss rehab facilities and even asked about the movements.

"Those movements come into play with which rehab facility if best for Nick. That's why he had to re-discuss facilities with other doctors he's conversed with. I continue to thank President Obama and Vice-President Biden for their help and their physicians help in moving forward with making sure we are getting the best care for Nick. We owe that to our Son."

The Tullier family is still discussing which clinic is best suited for Nick, but James said it is between one in Houston and another in Chicago.

For more on his progress, check Nick Tullier Strong page on Facebook where his father posts regular updates.

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