Livonia Wildcats: Sportsline Summer Camp 2016

Livonia Wildcats - Part 2: Sportsline Summer Camp 2016
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

LIVONIA, LA (WAFB) - After an undefeated, state championship season in 2014, the Livonia Wildcats slipped to an 8-4 mark last year, losing in the second round of the playoffs to Crowley. However, all four losses were by 6 points or less.

This season head coach Guy Mistretta returns a big senior class including LSU commitment Patrick Queen, who will play linebacker for the Tigers but will also be an explosive running back this year for the Wildcats.

"Since we won, everybody kind of laid back, because they thought we could do it again," said senior kicker Bryce LeBlanc. "We underestimated the teams we were playing so."

"This year I feel like everybody's hungry. Because after the championship, we felt like we were good, everybody was talking about us, and we got complacent. And it was too late during the season to change it," Queen said.

And on Friday nights, they love home games at "The Jungle."

"Yeah Livonia is a great place to play. It's a small town community. It's what Louisiana high school football is all about," Mistretta said. "They get out there, they support us. they pack it in. the kids love playing there."

"It's amazing to play there. Out there pre-game smell the food, hear the crowd, music going," said Tolliver Tripeaux. "There's just something different about the jungle when you get there Friday night."

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