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Gov. Edwards asks president to consider requests related to La. flooding

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Gov. John Bel Edwards presented President Barack Obama a letter Tuesday asking him to consider a number of requests related to the historic flooding in Louisiana.

The governor had a list of priorities ready for the president as he landed in Baton Rouge. 

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Edwards laid out his request in a letter, asking Obama to focus on eight things as it relates to rebuilding part of Louisiana. 

Among the requests, the governor asked that the president reduce the amount that the state of Louisiana has to pay for the disaster. As it stands, the state is on the hook for 25 percent of the cost. Edwards wants to reduce that to 10 percent, saying the disaster and the flooding in March is just too much of a burden. 

The governor said FEMA has assured him that "this event will not cause FEMA to revisit its flood maps, and that those homes and businesses not in flood zones will not need to be elevated."

As for people who are in a flood zone, the governor's office said they will not have to raise their homes. The governor instead wants to focus on projects that might actually prevent some of the flooding, like the long and drawn out Comite Diversion project. 

Below is the letter listing all of Edwards' requests: 

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