OUR TURN: Raising Hope Telethon

OUR TURN: Raising Hope Telethon

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The historic flood of 2016 has hurt thousands of families in our region, and it did not spare our businesses or even our charities. Two of the charities we look to as bedrock institutions to help lift us up in times of crisis were themselves washed out in the flooding - I'm talking about the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and the Salvation Army.

The Food Bank was flooded by four feet of water, which ruined 500,000 pounds of food and swamped the charity's offices. At the Salvation Army, the story was similar - more than seven feet of water in the headquarters building and other facilities were impacted as well.

Both of these organizations have been there for us when our community has needed them. We want to be there for them now. WAFB will be running an all-day telethon tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24 to benefit these fine charities. Tune in to our newscasts tomorrow beginning at 5 a.m. or anytime during the day and we'll tell you how you can make a donation to help out.

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