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North Baton Rouge residents try to rebuild after flood

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After figuring out what they have lost, homeowners and businesses in north Baton Rouge are ready to rebuild and start over. 

Normally, the Legos on the floor of Yolanda’s Day Care Center have kids playing with them, but that wasn’t the case on Monday. The center has served families on Winbourne Avenue for 14 years. Now the entire facility is useless. 

"Everyone's been calling. 'When's your mom gonna get back in business? Did the daycare get messed up?'" said Yolanda Sterling, the owner’s daughter. 

Yolanda's employees are rebuilding, like many homeowners and businesses on Winbourne Avenue. Neighborhoods are covered with debris. 

"We have several different people came to help her clean up today. We're gonna try to rebuild it back up so that all our babies can come back," Sterling said. 

Employees at Yolanda's are looking for a temporary building to continue providing daycare services while they rebuild. 

Just across the street from Yolanda's, a group of men was gutting a home. Warren Henderson, along with his son Zion Brown and friend Jaquise Knox, have been gutting houses around the neighborhood so homeowners can start renovations. 

"If we don't do it, no one will. It starts at home, and it starts with each other," Henderson said. 

Warren and his family live four blocks away from the neighborhood. For 13-year-old Zion, the flooding was a traumatic experience. 

"Words can't explain how it makes me feel because these people lost their homes. Helping these people, it really makes me feel good," Brown said. 

Knox said the sooner people can get back to their normal lives, the better. 

"It makes me feel good to help people out. I hope their houses get fixed. And everything comes to an end," Knox said. 

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