Central residents try to rebuild homes, lives after historic flooding

Central residents try to rebuild homes, lives after historic flooding

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - People in Central are trying to rebuild their homes and their lives. Many residents have already cleaned out their debris and are now gutting their homes.

It's a sight that sums up the current state of Central well. Tanglewood Elementary on Rustling Oaks Drive is home to piles of debris. All classroom supplies taken out after the damage.

A contractor on site said workers are rebuilding the inside of the school.

Gaynell Santalucito lives right across the street from Tanglewood. With the exception of a few cars, she lost everything in the flooding.

"When I work up Saturday morning, we had water up to the sidewalk. And I started getting concerned, because this area never floods," Santalucito said.

Billy Prestidge is in the same situation. He has lived at his home on Rustling Oaks for 48 years. His family was helping him clean and gut his house Sunday afternoon.

"I lost everything, all my beds, all the sheetrock. Everything's gone, we emptied the house," Prestidge said.

Many residents here tell me that they don't have flood insurance, and they hope they'll get a lot of help from FEMA.

"I guess the next step is try and rebuild. I don't know how I'm going to do that, I'm waiting on FEMA to answer my application that I filled out, and see what they're going to do to help me out," Santalucito said.

"I got some good friends, cobblers and other things that say don't y'all worry about it. We gonna build it back," Prestidge said.

Tanglewood Elementary and the rest of the schools in Central will stay closed until at least Monday, Sept. 5.

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