Red Cross addresses confusion about donations at River Center shelter

Red Cross addresses confusion about donations at River Center shelter

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Red Cross is hoping to clear up confusion about donations at a Baton Rouge shelter.

Viewers have told 9News about the Red Cross denying help or throwing away donations at the River Center.

The organization said they have not thrown away any donations. However, officials said the donations are being brought to a certain room in the River Center until they know what to do with them.

The shelter at the River Center is state-run by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services with help from the Red Cross.

Officials say that every shelter has different needs and that when people drop off loads of clothes, the Red Cross needs to find volunteers to sort through them. Workers said they do not have the manpower to process and sort through items such as food, clothing and medicines.

The Red Cross said they do not accept clothing donations. If they need clothes, they can get them through partner organizations.

Officials say the best way people can be the most helpful right now is by donating monetarily. The Red Cross uses that money to purchase food, water and supplies for volunteers to distribute.

Officials added that they currently have enough volunteers.

The following is a letter released Sunday afternoon from Nancy Malone with the Red Cross:

Good afternoon,

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