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Lowe's store gives back as flood recovery process continues

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The cleanup process has clogged many local stores who are doing their part, but one store hopes to give back in more than one way during the recovery process.

Storm victims and volunteers need the resources to recover and the employees at the Lowe’s store on Siegen Lane are doing whatever they can to help those in need.

The flurry of activity starts at the door of the store as cleanup continues for many across south Louisiana. Managers say the biggest challenge is keeping up with demand.

"We're trying to get every product we can and one of the big things we're doing is we're listening to our customers,” said store manager Mike Pitts. “They're
telling us what they need and we're making sure we get it in here."

From heavy-duty trash bags to cleaning supplies and boots, the store is packed with supplies and constantly receiving more. It's something Pitts said is crucial when every minute counts.

"Time is precious right now to get things done,” Pitts added. “Customers are really trying to get their house taken care of. They don't need to stand here looking for product when they need to get it and get back to the house. We're trying to put everything we can related to this at the front door just for them."

Managers say they have been working around the clock to have things like Clorox and mold control in stock inside the store, but what they are most proud of is what they've been doing outside the store in the community, including making a sizeable donation to the American Red Cross.

"We've actually donated $500,000 to the American Red Cross as one of our partners just to help out in the community as that's all dedicated for Louisiana,” said market director Paris Lytle.

Store employees also volunteered earlier in the week, delivering water and "help buckets" to those in need in shelters.

"We're doing everything in our power to be there for them,” said Pitts. “We understand what's going on the situation and it's our job to make sure we take care of the customer and you know, we're going to help this community rebuild because that's what Lowe's is about."

Managers say they are on a mission to make their workplace more than just a retail store.

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