Teen's impromptu concert lifts spirits amid storm debris

Teen's impromptu concert lifts spirits amid storm debris

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The sounds of saws, hammers, and carpet being ripped up are what you'd expect to hear during storm debris cleanup. But in one Baton Rouge neighborhood, it was the sound of classical piano music that captured everyone's attention this week.

John White's video shows a young man taking a break from cleanup work, giving one last concert on a piano many would just consider a pile of debris.

"The piano took on four feet of water, so needless to say it's a goner. But Mark had a long day and wanted to blow off some steam so this happened," White wrote on Facebook.

The young man behind the keyboard is Mark Chasuk, and the song he's performing is Tarantella by Albert Pieczonka.

"These are kids from our HFH home school group helping one of their own during a time of need with demolitions. This family is one from out of 16 families within our group that were dislocated and devastated by the historic Flood of 2016," White wrote on a GoFundMe page.

In just one day, the video has already been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook, and viewed almost 800,000 times. Many people seem to be touched by this moment of calm in the midst of chaos. It's also proof that while a flood may take away your piano, it can't take away your talent.

Cleanup efforts like this one are taking place all across the Baton Rouge area right now. And as much as physical manpower is appreciated, so are monetary donations. If you'd like to help, WAFB and Raycom Media have set up a donation site for the Red Cross. Learn more here: http://rdcrss.org/1L4hmTr

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