LDEQ offers debris disposal advice

LDEQ offers debris disposal advice

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Information provided by the LDEQ.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has issued a revised chart that explains how residents who are dealing with flood debris should go about segregating their debris into six distinct waste streams. LDEQ asks that residents voluntarily follow the guidelines and separate the waste into individual piles on the curb, one for regular household garbage and waste, one for electronics, one for household hazardous waste, one for white goods and one for vegetative debris like tree limbs.

The chart explains what items fall into each category, how to stage the piles for pickup and where to put items that you are drying and don't want picked up. LDEQ reminds residents that carpet, furniture and mattresses are not Construction and Demolition Debris and should be included in the Household Trash pile.

LDEQ Secretary Dr. Chuck Carr Brown said he appreciates the public's cooperation in this necessary chore. "By segregating your debris into six piles, you can help speed up the cleanup process and get this debris off the streets and into a proper disposal facility. It's going to be a long journey to get back to anything like normal in south Louisiana, but we can all help facilitate the process by doing this little extra work."

Brown also cautioned residents about burning any debris. "It is never allowable to burn solid waste, even in areas where open burning may be allowed."

"This is a difficult, trying time, but everyone is rolling up their sleeves and tackling the job of cleaning up and getting rid of debris. Our federal partners and sister agencies are working with us to facilitate that goal. We all want to get through this, and we will. Let's do it safely and do it right," Brown said.

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