YOUR TURN: National media coverage of the area floods

YOUR TURN: National media coverage of area flooding

This week's Your Turn segment goes to Jeremy Cronan. Cronan is one of many people who believe the national news media has ignored the historic flooding that has harmed thousands families in our area. In his words:

You turn on the national news and you get stories about the latest dumb thing a politician said or did, or stories about what a celebrity did or didn't do on a social media site. What you don't see is a major story happening in front of their faces. You don't see coverage like what was done for Katrina and Sandy, just because the storm didn't have a name. You don't see coverage about the people who are homeless right now. Furthermore, you don't see the stories of the amazing people who are out rescuing others. When will they focus on things that matter to all and help us get the help we need down here?

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