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Concerns shift as floodwaters recede in Denham Springs

Source: WAFB Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB Source: WAFB

The water is going down along Hwy 16 in Denham Springs, but the problem now shifts to the strong current which is pushing people slowly along the highway down towards the homes, many of which are still underwater. 

Residents are still in disbelief by what they have lived through.

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"You know what if you would have told me it would have got this high I wouldn't believe you unless I seen it," said resident Matthew Evans. 

Evans said while many homes are above water, the dangerous current has already claimed one boat during water rescues.

"Because it was so strong and pushed up against the pole and basically flipped and luckily the guys that were there trying to save people were saved themselves," Evans said. 

Many of the houses are only accessible by boat, including Tammy Phillips' home. She considers everyone who has helped a godsend like some Good Samaritans who offered to get her home with some groceries. 

"Every single boat that has come to our house to help us they're heroes. All these men using their personal boats, those are heroes," Phillips said. 

Phillips did not get much, just the essentials like clean water and snacks. While it has been tough, she said when people have lost so much they learn to appreciate the little things. 

"It's hard. but I mean like I said we have a house," Phillips said. "I mean y'all can see it. We have a roof over our head."

There was a little bit of vehicle traffic along Hwy 16, but many people chose to simply turn around, saying it was absolutely not worth it. That is why officials said the public should not be on the roadways because they cannot see how far the water comes up, and with the strong current, it is certainly not a good idea to be on the road. 


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