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Central resident: 'We're homeless today but we're hopeful'

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Residents got a first look inside their homes Monday afternoon in the Magnolia Bend community in Central. The streets were lined with personal belongings as people had to part with countless items that hold sentimental value, disposing of them on the curb. 

Many residents though say while the items are important, getting out with their lives and having the opportunity to move forward is what matters most. 

"If I could have salvaged one piece of furniture it would have been this one but looks like we got to get a new piano," said resident Craig Pourciau. 

The piano, which he said was a precious family heirloom, was just one small part of the massive pile of personal items outside Pourciau's home. It is one of the many items claimed by the devastating flood waters. 

"It looks devastating you know but it's not," Pourciau said. "It's just something we're gone deal with, get better with it and make it happen." 

The house is a total mess. In some parts where a wall used to be, now there is a gaping hole which leaves the kitchen visible from the living room. Also sheetrock has been ripped away from the wall in several places, showing just how high flood waters rose. 

The cleanup efforts certainly will not happen overnight. Doors are ripped from their hinges and the kitchen is absolutely demolished. While some may fold under the reality of losing everything, Pourciau said he is thankful for the things that remain, including his faith. 

"We're not depressed and we're not worried," he said. "We're going to get done what we have to get done, get our house back better than it was and we serve a big God and we know what's in our future. Our best days are ahead." 

Across the street, John Vance said perhaps the hardest part of the cleanup is knowing where to begin. 

"Just trying to figure out what the next step is and how to move forward is hard, Vance said. "It's something you never experienced so where do you start?" 

While starting may be hard, Pourciau said he remains unbroken. 

"Let me tell you this. We're homeless today but we're hopeful and we are thankful brother because our entire family, their houses are gone but we're going to rebuild. We're going to get back," Pourciau said. 

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