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Donaldsonville man calls constant flooding 'a life or death situation'

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Several Ascension Parish residents are dealing with flooded homes after heavy rainfall washed through the area Thursday, but for one Donaldsonville man, constant flooding at his home has become a life or death struggle. 

Steve Miles and his wife have lived in their home on Catadonna Street for a long time without problems, but recently their blissful corner has been plagued by a series of floods. He said the home has taken on water at least five time in the past two years, but Thursday’s round of rain was by far the worst. 

"I’ve been living at this residence for over 40 years," Miles said. "Of course we've had lots of rain, hurricanes but never ever water getting in the house like this before." 

Despite having sandbags around all of the entrances, floodwaters started rushing in around lunchtime. While walking around his home assessing the damage, Miles said he is disgusted and desperate for answers. He said he has gone to the city for help, and while he admits they have tried to make some improvements, the problem has not been resolved. 

"I know there are times when your house might flood because of some hurricane or something like that. That's understandable, but this is sewage,"
he said. "This is water just backing up into your home and I have to stay here and deal with this. It's troubling." 

Miles had a kidney transplant about six months ago and he said the situation has now become life or death, forcing him to make the choice between repairing the home or paying for his medication. He said the cost for both is simply too much to handle. 

"It's depressing because you got to make a choice. You got to make a choice - living in your home or just living," he added. "You want to live and you want to live in your own home, but what do you do?" 

Miles said he does not have flood insurance because he does not live in a flood zone and because he never experienced the problem until recently. 

For now, his wife, brother and sister-in-law are helping to rid the house of any standing water, but as for how to cover the costly repairs, Miles said he is hoping for a miracle. 

"I just don't have the answer right now," he said. "I'm praying that God comes through for me like he always has, but at this time, I need him to show up right now." 

Miles said he would be grateful for any help but more than anything, he just wants some kind of solution for this ongoing problem. 

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