LSU's Les Miles says slap boxing 'not so cool'

VIDEO: LSU coach Les Miles addresses the media August 11, 2016

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A video of LSU superstar running back Leonard Fournette and sophomore offensive lineman Garrett Brumfield "slap boxing" went viral Wednesday.

TMZ released the footage of the spirited exchange between the two, which took place Tuesday evening in the LSU football operations parking lot. Fellow players and others close to the program have shrugged off the incident as "horseplay," but also understand why some people could be startled by the footage.

Both Fournette and Brumfield took to Twitter to address the video on Wednesday evening. Brumfield tweeted that it was "just teammates horsing around, nothing more."

LSU head coach Les Miles addressed the subject Thursday and said similar shenanigans occurred when he was a kid.

"We thought it was really cool. Until someone hit you in the nose and then it became not so cool," Miles deadpanned. "I think we're finding out, it can be not so cool."

Miles said the players were partaking in a game called "Tap Out." A big concern for the coach and obviously for some fans, especially with Fournette involved, is someone getting hurt.

"You make the point certainly, let's not be at risk athletically for injury. Let's give you some time off to get your legs back. Let's not get involved in a highly active off-the-field game," Miles continued.

How TMZ got the video is unclear, according to Miles. However, the coach did mention that Snapchat videos can be quickly grabbed and shared by the public.

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