Residents frustrated with pool, sewage maintenance at BR apartment complex

Residents frustrated with pool, sewage maintenance at BR apartment complex

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The pool at a local apartment complex is so disgusting that people who live there are refusing to use it. They claim it's a health hazard and has been neglected.

Residents of the Hidden Oaks Apartment Complex on Siegen Lane said that no matter how hot it gets, they don't want to go anywhere near their pool. It's a bright green color, with debris and garbage floating on top.

Residents said maintenance has not responded to their repeated complaints.

"Everybody's just tired of it you know. It's time. Something needs to change with this apartment complex," said resident Joseph Quada, who has
lived at the complex for three months.

Quada said he went swimming in the pool once with his fiance, only to wake up ill the next day.

"I woke up with a terrible headache. My stomach was killing me. I was throwing up, she was throwing up. We pretty much had to stay in bed all day."

And that's not the only alleged problem with the pool.

Jammal Ceasar, who has lived at Hidden Oaks for two years, said the poorly maintained fencing surrounding the pool is not safe.

"They have a lot of children that come in and swim in this water, and we have to save them. They come in through different doors, different gates. And you know, it's real hazardous man," Ceasar said.

Other residents said there's also sewage problems with multiple leaks and drainage issues surrounding the complex.

Lauren Randolph said for two months she has had to flush her toilet by pulling a lever inside the tank. She added that maintenance has not responded to her problems.

"Not once have they come back to see it themselves. Maintenance, to be truthfully honest, I don't even think that they're qualified to do the job that they're doing," Randolph said.

9News spoke to an employee with Hidden Oaks who told us they are aware of the complaints, but they would not say anything else or let 9News speak with the complex's management.

Greystone Property Management in Indiana owns Hidden Oaks. Representatives said they thought sewage problems were repaired. They added that are not aware of problems with the pool itself.

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