Hand It On: Tremaine Walker

Hand It On: Tremaine Walker
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - About a year ago, Tremaine Walker approached his youth pastor at Oasis Christian Church in Baton Rouge where he is a member for a little counseling.

Tremaine was feeling so blessed he wanted to see how he could give back in some way because of the tremendous gifts God had bestowed upon him and his family.

Darrell Jackson, the youth pastor at Oasis, and Tremaine began discussing community needs and how some of those needs might be worked into something that interested Tremaine.

In their discussions that day, Darrell and Tremaine admitted that youth need grooming from time to time. As it turns out Tremaine is a barber. Tremaine, along with his business partner, Alexander Amadi-Emina II, own the Good Life Hair Studio on Fernwood Drive just off Florida and Wooddale in Baton Rouge.

'That's it,' Tremaine thought! 'I'll give back to the community by cutting young boys hair for free!'

Further brainstorming led Darrell and Tremaine to conclude that on the first Sunday of every month, after the 9 a.m. church service, Tremaine would set up a 'barber shop' in the youth building and cut hair for several hours for free! Oasis pastor Bishop Charles Wallace was elated at the idea because of his enthusiasm for youth programs in general.

That was it! So every first Sunday of the month for about a year now, Tremaine donates his time and talents and cuts hair for free for the young men of Oasis Christian Church on E. Brookstown in Baton Rouge.

As if this was not enough, Tremaine has been feeling so blessed and so moved by this simple, unselfish act, he wanted to extend his free haircut service to include back-to-school haircuts for all young men in the community. So, in addition to his regular first Sunday at Oasis, Tremaine advertised that he would provide back-to-school haircuts on one additional day for the entire community.

It was a huge undertaking and a huge success.

"He doesn't charge a dime," Darrell said about Tremaine's gift. "It's his way of giving back."

Tremaine's philosophy is simple: "When somebody needs something and you have it to give, give it."

"Me and my wife saw that this was a need. We're so blessed with so much, we feel we should give back as much as possible." Tremaine said.

So when Darrell and I spoke about featuring Tremaine in our Hand It On segment, there was mutual excitement.

I met Darrell at Tremaine's studio, the Good Life Hair Studio. It is a very clean, professional two-chair barber shop on the second floor
of a small office complex. Tremaine's business partner was cutting third grader Louis Howard's hair. Tremaine was putting the finishing touches on Scotlandville High senior Christian Brinson's style.

Darrell walked in unannounced and our camera followed to capture the surprise.

"Hey, how you doing?" Darrell asked, directing the question toward a somewhat stunned Tremaine.

"I was thinking about all the wonderful things that you do," Darrell began. "How you hand it back, how you came through about a year ago, cutting the boys hair every first Sunday at the church, giving back to the community for haircuts for the boys. So man, we just want to Hand It On to you and say thank you. Keep doing the great job that you're doing man."

Tremaine was temporarily stunned as Darrell handed him three crisp, new $100 bills.

"Man, that's a blessing bro," Tremaine exclaimed, his excitement and appreciation extremely noticeable. "That's big, man; big. Thank you man."

No, thank YOU Tremaine Walker. Involved, positive role models like you are exactly what this community needs in order to heal. And heal we will. God Bless You my friend!

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